Conway Camping 5 Berth Trailer Tent

Conway camping 5 birth trailer tent

The measurements open are

Width 137 inches

Depth 96 inches

And the depth including tow at is 122 inches

And the measurements when closed up are

Width 50 inches

Length 100 inches

And length including tow bar is 122 inches

This trailer tent is usable as it is

But there are some things which need addressing

Which are

The cover which covers the cooker section needs one of the hinges fixing

2 of the legs which holds one of the beds up needs re-fixing because they have come off

Just need screwing back on

On the bed sections there are bits of wood peeling of in places

And it needs waterproofing as I have owned it for 4 years and I have not waterproofed it

It’s just the case of putting it up and spraying it with the aerosol waterproofing

The canvas tent bit is in good condition

But I didn’t have the space to put it up because it’s in my mums garden

So I can’t give the total height

But an adult can stand up in it

The trailer tent will need to be collected from my mums house in Amersham bucks

When the winning bidder wants to collect it I will meet them up there to help them out with it

This is a great cheap holiday for someone

The cooker bit needs a bit of a clean but all working

If I get chance I will pop up there and clean it

Good luck

Happy bidding

This trailer tent tows well

Sorry forgot to mention when it fully erected

It comes out another 4 / 5 feet past the tow bar so you can put the cooker unit and a table and chairs into

Because it detaches from the back of the trailer

The winning bidder will not be disappointed with this bargain

Current Price: £250.00

This Conway Camping 5 Berth Trailer Tent is being sold by the eBay seller thegoodegg111 from Aylesbury , hp20 1hg

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