5m Canvas Bell Tent With Zipped In Groundsheet And Chimney Patch Sold As Seen

5m Canvas Bell Tent with Zipped in Groundsheet and Chimney Patch SOLD AS SEEN. Condition is Used. This tent was bought preowned almost a year ago. It came with some yellow marks, tree sap we think, but had recently got it cleaned.Unfortunately the cleaning process got most of the grime off, but left some holes in the canvas. One was fixed up on previous use. This tent is very much sold as seen (minus the airbed, which was used to show size), as we have neither the funds or space left to store it, hence the low price. It would be a perfect tent to fix up and clean and well suited for Glamping, LARP or Reenactments! Work that needs to be done: – A good clean of the groundsheet- Will probably need re-waterproofing. The cleaner we sent it to did not do the best job with it!- Patching the holes. These can be sewn up (As shown) But none are huge. We had them plugged with tape for its last use.- Possibly a pole extension? Notice how the tent sits quite low. For the event the centrepole had 2 bricks underneath it to raise it.Other than that, the tent still survived Storm Hannah with no problems, bar the ones listed and shown. When we got the tent, it had no bag for it, only for the poles and pegs. So the buyer will either have to collect from Hatfield, Herts (AL10), or arrange their own courier.Happy bidding and good luck!EDIT: We have just found out the centre pole is for a 4m as opposed to a 5m! Doesn’t effect the tent as I said, but probably worth looking for an extension (40cm shorter than normal)

Current Price: £200.00

This 5m Canvas Bell Tent With Zipped In Groundsheet And Chimney Patch Sold As Seen is being sold by the eBay seller swhe7561 from Hatfield, AL10 9TF

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