Pop Up Tents

If you're not an expert at camping or are attending a festival, then a pop up tent is ideal for you. They're very easy to pitch and pop up in seconds, giving you plenty of time to go and enjoy. Take a look at our wide selection of cheap pop up tents and grab yourself a piece of camping action.

Trailer Tents

As an alternative to regular tents, a trailer tent has the distinct advantage of being more lightweight and spacious. Some people even find them a more suitable replacement for the humble camper van as they are also known. Take a look at our range of cheap trailer tents and make your own mind up.

Teepee Tents

If you like something a little bit different, then the conical shaped teepee tent is the one for you. Originally created by native American Indians, modern day teepees offer lots of sleeping room and are easily pitched. Take a look at our range of cheap teepee tents and relive a little bit of history.